1459061_10152016313904837_778091153_nAs you know from reading Lil Nugs, the LES blogs have been all atwitter about Adam Sandler filming his new one, “The Cobbler,” in the neighborhood. Last week a storefront on Forsyth Street was transformed into Simkin Shoe Repair for the comedy about a cobbler who can metaphysically step into the lives of his clients. Today, the Lo-Down has some photos from yesterday’s shoot and news that the crew will be back in the hood, at 400 Grand Street, the week of Dec. 8.

But this photo,  just posted by Katz’s, really takes the babka. Sandler popped into the deli yesterday and posed with a couple of fans, by the looks of another photo posted on Reddit. The comments, of course, immediately devolved into two eternal debates: is Sandler funny and are the sandwiches at Katz’s overpriced?