Some days ago Williamsburger Matthew Schonfeld got up at 5:30 a.m. to wait in line for a cronut, and then he jumped in the line at the new Umami Burger to create the “Umami cronut burger”!

Maybe it would’ve been the “hypebeast Frankenfood of the decade” had the Ramen Burger not debuted at Smorgasburg this Saturday. As you can see in the above video, the line for Keizo Shimamoto’s burger between fried-noodle buns was “redonk” even though it was raining. (And this wasn’t the type of rain New Yorkers normally line up for).

Sorry dudes, sold out. (Ramen Burger/FB")

Sorry dudes, sold out. (Ramen Burger/FB)

According to tweets from the scene, the queue was about 50 deep half an hour before service started, and eventually grew to 500. Those who decided it was a good idea to jump in this line reported waits of 1.5 and 2 hours. Which makes the line at Mighty Quinn’s look like a walk in the park (as opposed to a walk in the Park Avenue tunnel).

So was it worth it? Verdicts ranged from “yummy” to “worth the wait” to “a steal” to “could definitely use some jacking up” to “not mind blowing, but still pretty good.”

Okay, “pretty good” is how we’d describe the frozen White Castles we microwaved the other night, so we probably won’t be setting our alarm clock should Ramen Burger return to Smorgasburg this Saturday.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re curious about it and all. But no way are we risking the wrath of this guy: “Between the ramen burger and the CROWD of people waiting for brunch @ fucking Rabbithole, Williamsburg is finally due eternal damnation?”