(Photo: Susan Keyloun)

An uninvited guest popped by Anthony Weiner’s Gramercy apartment building this morning, in the form of a giant inflatable rat. Union members have gathered in front of the mayoral hopeful‘s Park Avenue South address to protest a controversial cost-cutting measure in his education platform. And they aren’t exactly being subtle about it: “DON’T LET THE SEXTING PERV BE MAYOR,” reads one sign.


(Photo: Susan Keyloun)

Members of Local 372, NYC Board of Education Employees are so miffed that Weiner wants to eliminate parent coordinators — paid liaisons between public-school parents and principals — that they’ve plastered junk-grab photos from his sexting scandal across their site, and are now hanging out at his place with signs accusing the “Penis Mayor” of being racist and sexist.

“We find it alarming that mothers, grandmothers and ‘minority group’ members, who are the majority of parent coordinators, are now being targeted for elimination by Weiner,” a flyer reads.

Mona Davids, one of the Local 372 reps heading the protest, told Bedford + Bowery, “Anthony Weiner is asking for a second chance at the taxpayers’ expense, however he’s seeking to eliminate 1,400 parent coordinators positions, which not only negatively affects the coordinators, but also their families. These jobs are their second chance.”


(Photo: Susan Keyloun)