Yep, it’s about time B + B got an advice column. To that end, we bring you Bushwick Elucidations, a web series from actresses Vanessa Nicole Oritz and Danielle Muehlen. They’re in their 20s, but these millennials have some serious knowledge to drop. Sort of.

Ortiz, a Florida native who studied musical theater and has performed in a few off-Broadway plays around town, explains the origin of the show: “We thought it’d be funny to play off the Bushwick hipster idea of thinking you know everything but actually not really.” And so Tigre and Cricket were born.

Rest assured, this all comes from a place of love. “I live in the neighborhood, so there’s self-mockery as well,” said Ortiz. She moved from Roosevelt Island about a year and a half ago, around the same time Muehlen came to the ‘wick.

We join Bushwick Elucidations in the middle of its first season (you can catch up on previous episodes here), and we’ll post a new episode every Tuesday. Have a question for Tigre and Cricket? E-mail us and we’ll see if they deign to respond.