Will ‘Missing BK’ Be the Bushwick Anthem That ‘Brooklyn Girls’ Wasn’t?

Today’s entry into the “Brooklyn anthem” category (in fact, it’s tagged that way on YouTube) comes from Farohawk, a Bushwick-based MC, producer and songwriter who, according to his bio, “credits the emerging neighborhood as a major source of creative inspiration for his current sound.”

Can Catey Shaw’s New Video Make You Forget ‘Brooklyn Girls’?

So you’re probably thinking, wait, Catey Shaw just released another video? It’s only been a month since her first one changed life as we know it, and The Brooklyn EP isn’t even out till September. But hey, if your first single got the kind of attention “Brooklyn Girls” did, you’d probably want to clear the … Continue reading Can Catey Shaw’s New Video Make You Forget ‘Brooklyn Girls’?

‘Brooklyn Girls’: The Remixes!

“Brooklyn Girls,” the infamous “anthem nobody wanted,” has already gotten a parody cover, but this is truly next-level. Catey Shaw recently put out a call for remixes (reappropriation is a hallmark of today’s Brooklyn, after all) and the results are below. Have a listen if Jay-Z isn’t already bumpin’ in your headphones.

Watch ‘Brooklyn Boys,’ the Had-to-Happen Parody of ‘Brooklyn Girls’

After the initial wave of mutilation over Catey Shaw’s “Brooklyn Girls,” someone did a funny factcheck of the anthem-that-wasnt’s lyrics, a “Brooklyn woman” penned an open letter, Gawker reviewed Shaw’s show at Babys All Right, and the singer herself talked to Bullett about the backlash, which she described as a “blessing in disguise” (Brooklyn girls … Continue reading Watch ‘Brooklyn Boys,’ the Had-to-Happen Parody of ‘Brooklyn Girls’

Shake Shack Is Doing a Music Festival. And This Momofuku Burger.

Get ready for even longer lines at Shake Shack — to mark 10 years in Madison Square Park, the burger joint is throwing itself a week-long birthday bash that’ll feature a music festival and limited-edition patties from celeb chefs like David Chang and April Bloomfield. This. is going. to be huge.

‘She’s Living This Bohemian Dream,’ Ukulele in Hand

It’s not every ukulele player who goes from being homeless and broke to filling the room at CMJ. But last month at Ella Lounge, the front row was practically treading on Catey Shaw’s toes as she sang. “Watch your feet!” she said. “This is rock n’ roll.”

Your Favorite Subway Musicians Are Going to Be Living the High Life

Dan Pierson was in awe of Robert Leslie when he heard him playing in the Second Avenue F station for quarters. But instead of dropping a bill in the British-born performer’s guitar case and moving along, he took his card and invited him to perform at the apartment-warming party he was throwing on his Brooklyn Heights roof.