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After the initial wave of mutilation over Catey Shaw’s “Brooklyn Girls,” someone did a funny factcheck of the anthem-that-wasnt’s lyrics, a “Brooklyn woman” penned an open letter, Gawker reviewed Shaw’s show at Babys All Right, and the singer herself talked to Bullett about the backlash, which she described as a “blessing in disguise” (Brooklyn girls — always staying posi). And now the inevitable: a parody video titled “Brooklyn Boys.”

All the cliches are here: Instagram selfies, Tinder swipes, PBR, beards, fedoras, skating, skinny jeans, growlers, flannel, kale, calling dad for the rent, 10 roommates, the wait at Roberta’s (and for the G train). And the chorus? “Brooklyn boys / How did they get all those Brooklyn girls? / Brooklyn boys / When they walk in their ‘staches curl.”

We’ve emailed the creators to find out who they are, exactly. In the meantime, have a watch.

Update, 4 p.m.: One of the video’s creators tells us a little bit about the Brooklyn Boys: “We are a loose collective of creatives living in Brooklyn who thought it would be fun to make this parody video. We all work in some capacity in the creative field, so we were able to pull our different skill sets together (from Art Directors, to shooters, to editors, to singers, to musicians, to writer, to make this video in just three days.” Among the creators are Teddy Vuong, Richard Mark Jordan, Andy Hadaway, Ryan Sheehy and Brad Cohen.