With a single-use plastic bag ban in effect as of this month, carryout bags will soon be long gone. Reusable tote bags are coming right to the rescue, which is probably a good thing: they’re environmentally friendly and fashion-forward. And unlike those 5-cent paper bags, you don’t even need to buy one, since you can get many of them via subscriptions and purchases. Whether you’re a foodie or a fashionista, we’ve got you covered with this list of fashionable freebies.

For the environmentalist 

If you care about the environment, you might as well shop for sustainable products — from tomato soup, to toothpaste, to hair conditioner — at Public Goods products. Snag a Public Goods tote bag by entering your email here, adding the reusable cotton tote to your cart, and entering the code “Simplify” at checkout.

For the makeup maven

Allure is willing to help all the beauty enthusiasts who need a beauty-friendly bag. You can get a free, chic tote bag with as little as a $5 subscription to the magazine.

For the foodie 

If you’re a pun-loving foodie, Bon Appetit’s tote is made for you. “Don’t worry, eat happy” is the slogan that comes on the tote you’ll get once you subscribe to the magazine, starting at $15 for a one year.

For the fashionista

Macy’s is now offering a free Calvin Klein tote with purchase of any large spray product from the CK collection. The stylish black-and-red, leather-y tote will be shipped with your order.

For the literato

A must-have for all New Yorkers, the ubiquitous New Yorker tote is — as always — available for free with a digital and print subscription to the magazine, starting at $6 for 12 weeks. 

For the shutterbug

If you’re a photographer, you’re up-to-date with the latest National Geographic issue. And now, your loyalty will be repaid with a free photographer-friendly tote. Subscribe to the magazine to get it — the starting price is $12.

For the animal lover

As a thank you for supporting wildlife, WWF will gift you a set of five reusable tote bags as soon as you donate or renew your donation subscription. It only takes a gift of at least $8 a month and the animal totes will be shipped right to you. 

And for the true freeloader…. 

Don’t want to spring for a subscription or membership? Not to worry! The city has a list of events where you can score a reusable bag for free.