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Grassroots ‘Coffee to the Frontlines’ Effort Keeps Hospital Workers Caffeinated

(Photos courtesy of Leigh Adel-Arnold, pictured in front.)

Last week, Starbucks began offering free coffee to frontline workers, which was an amazing idea — an amazing idea that Leigh Adel-Arnold had already put into action. “It’s fantastic that they’re doing that,” says Leigh, who definitely isn’t competing against Starbucks. “Especially because now there are coffee places on every corner that are closed.” More →

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NYC Hotels Are Hanging Up Their ‘Do Not Disturb’ Cards

A balcony at The William Vale. (Photo: John Ambrosio)

Ian Schrager has a heavy heart. Closing his PUBLIC hotel until further notice was an “agonizing decision,” he wrote in an email sent out yesterday, but it had to be done to protect everybody from COVID-19. “[Closing] is against everything I personally believe in,” the hotelier wrote before acknowledging that “it is the only ethical, moral and humane thing to do.” It wasn’t the only hit the founder of Studio 54 took in recent days: An exhibit about the legendary nightclub was suspended when the Brooklyn Museum temporarily closed last week. More →

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Bushwick’s RV Radio Station Shifts Gears, But the Wheels Aren’t Coming Off

(Photos: Serena Tara)

The cream-and-brown colored RV from which KPISS.fm broadcasts every day is now quiet — and empty. The online radio station doesn’t fall under the category of businesses that had to temporarily shut down because of New York City’s latest coronavirus-related ordinances. But founder and manager Sheri Barclay, 37, decided it was better to be safe than sorry, and closed it down anyway. Only physically, though. KPISS is not going to stop transmitting. More →

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Need a Reusable Bag? A Free Tote For Every Type

With a single-use plastic bag ban in effect as of this month, carryout bags will soon be long gone. Reusable tote bags are coming right to the rescue, which is probably a good thing: they’re environmentally friendly and fashion-forward. And unlike those 5-cent paper bags, you don’t even need to buy one, since you can get many of them via subscriptions and purchases. Whether you’re a foodie or a fashionista, we’ve got you covered with this list of fashionable freebies. More →

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Meet Lexi Ferguson, the Astrologer-DJ With an Occult Following

(Photo: Alex Mizell)

Surrounded by black skulls, dimly flickering candles and a blood-red velvet tablecloth, Lexi Ferguson does her astrological readings on an iPad. “If you’re not using technology, you have to draw a chart by hand,” she explains. “You have to calculate, and it’s charts and graphs and knowledge and a ton of time. It’s completely impractical.”  More →