This is nuts! Mr. Peanut and his Nutmobile have taken over Astor Place and are dishing out free cheese balls.

Yes, the latest activation at Astor Place Plaza is super cheesy: The peanut peddlers at Planters are pushing their new Cheez Balls by giving away containers of the stuff and serving up gratis cheez-inspired dishes from a food truck. The offerings include tater tots, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, and mac and cheese. A giant, Double Dare-esque Cheez Ball grinder allows you to dust any dish with orange powder.

If this Cheez Ball alert sounds like a puff piece, it might be because, full disclosure, your humble reporter snagged some free grub. Though not much of it. Shortly after noon, the line for the truck was about 20 freeloaders strong and it took about seven minutes to get to the front, where I was told that they only had two items in stock. Instead of a “Cheez-buttered lobster roll,” I had to settle for three tater tots and a bottle of water. Needless to say, I was pretty cheesed off. Not even a hug from Mr. Peanut would’ve kept me from feeling salty, though admittedly I hadn’t shelled out any money.

The attendant of the truck, operated by Made From Scratch, told me there might be lobster rolls later, so pay a visit before the peanuts are packed up at 7pm.