(image via @the.olympia.project / Instagram)

Opening Wednesday, August 21 at The Olympia Project, 6 pm. On view through September 12.

When you think of art having to do with particular colors and seasons, you might think of formal pieces of fine art depicting sunsets and foliage and other such subjects. Matthew Morrocco’s work, on view at The Olympia Project in Williamsburg, does in fact dabble in such imagery, but that’s not all. The star, appearing in front (and sometimes lurking in the background) of sun-dappled beaches and parks, is a person wearing a bright yellow morph suit (remember those?). Faceless and monochrome but more fun than creepy-looking, this figure injects a certain surreality to otherwise fairly standard photographic scenes. It makes one wonder how classic still lives and landscapes might look with this mustard-tinged individual added to the mix.

(image via Stigma Unbound)

Whore Haus
Opening Friday, August 23 at 630 Flushing Avenue, 6 pm to 11 pm. On view through August 24.

August is a month (in)famously known for being slower than the rest when it comes to events, going to events, and of course, getting people to come to your events. However, that doesn’t mean everyone’s stopped what they’re doing. The collective Stigma Unbound, which produces art, performance, and parties centering sex workers and their allies, is at it again with Whore Haus, an art show within the sprawling Pfizer building on the border of Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Bed-Stuy. A $5 suggested donation gets you not only art by approximately 30 artists, but also drag, performance art, DJ sets, and a vendor market.