(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

I never thought I’d say this, but: I’m writing this post from a shoe store. No, not a Foot Locker. I’m talking about the new Toms shop and café in Williamsburg, which has a comfy outdoor patio and wifi out the wazoo.
As we told you in August, the altruistic shoe brand locked down a lease for the former Umami Burger space at 160 N. 4th Street, off of Bedford Avenue, where similar hipster-friendly footwear brands Dr. Martens and Happy Socks have recently opened shops. The Toms store just opened and is now fully stocked with sunglasses, shoes, and glow-in-the-dark Christmas-light slippers.
The side of the building is outfitted with a Ricardo Gonzalez mural reading “Meet Me Here.” To encourage people to do just that, there are a few comfy chairs and an outpost of Toms Roasting Co. in a corner of the store. It’s currently serving up espresso drinks, chai and matcha teas, and some coffee drinks with seasonal flavors like vanilla coriander and the obligatory pumpkin spice. Donuts and croissants, as well.
The outdoor patio has four coffee tables with eight low-slung chairs and two comfortably cushioned banquettes—which, if I do say so, makes it a pretty sweet spot for working al fresco. Too bad winter is on the way. Dammit, maybe I better shut this down and buy some snow boots.