(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

“I don’t wanna be buried, in a pet cemetery,” sang the Ramones. But that’s exactly what will happen to the blue-hatted hound atop the Slush Puppie machine when American Deli Market leaves its home of 20 years.
A couple of weeks ago we lamented that Greenpoint Finest Deli had closed, leaving Greenpoint with just one Slush Puppie machine. Namely, the self-serve one an avenue over, at American Deli Market. The neighborhood was lucky to have even that, because Slush Puppies–which, of course, are the thinking man’s Slurpees– are nearly impossible to come by in this age of boutique kombucha, acai-infused coconut water, and yerba mate soda.
Now, in what can only be called a Halloween massacre, the American Deli Market has announced that it’s being “forced out” of its longtime perch on the corner of Franklin and Milton. The bodega’s owners, Yvette and Dennis Camacho, tell Greenpointers they failed to come to a lease renewal agreement with their landlord.
There’s some hope the Slush Puppie machine isn’t headed for the boneyard, as the Camachos are looking at another location. But “the rents are extremely high,” according to Yvette.
You’ve got about a week left until the puppy stops spinning. American Deli Market’s final day is Nov. 7.