Halloween always brings its share of Shining twins and Clockwork Orange droogs, but this October is going to be an especially Kubrickian one. Not only is The Shining newly streaming on Netflix and playing at IFC Center tonight and tomorrow, but on Oct. 26 the Museum of the City of New York will throw a Kubrick bash to coincide with its exhibit of the filmmaker’s early photos.

The Night of Noir will feature DJs spinning Kubrick-and-Halloween-appropriate music (if need be, they can lean on a newly released box set of music from Kubrick’s films), a Kubrick-influenced dance performance by Princess Lockerooo & Co., a costume contest, Kubrick trivia, and themed cocktails (red rum, we’re guessing). There’s no mention of a password, but if the party does require one, it’s safe to assume it’s “Fidelio.”

Now, here’s the catch: Because the “Through a Different Lens” exhibit will be open after hours and the museum’s mercurial caretaker doesn’t want masked marauders making off with any of the 129 photos that a teenage Kubrick took back when he was photographing NYC life for Look magazine, guests won’t be allowed to wear face masks. So forget about rocking that authentic Eyes Wide Shut plague-doctor mask you bought in Venice, or going as one of the apes from 2001: A Space Odyssey. You can’t bring prop weapons, either, so don’t even think about capping off your Jack Torrance outfit with an axe or going for an authentic Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket. Oh, and no heavy makeup, though a single fake eyelash goes a long way.

Tickets to the Night of Noir are $25 in advance or $35 at the door.