(photo by Patrick Arias, image via Facebook)

Queer As In Fuck You: Is It Halloween Yet?
Thursday, October 11 at Otto’s Shrunken Head, 10 pm: $5-10 suggested donation

No, it’s not technically Halloween yet (just a few more weeks!) but being in attendance at Vylette Tendency’s punk drag show Queer As In Fuck You (guest hosted this time by devilish drag demon God Complex) might make you forget that, as you’ll be surrounded with spooky, creative looks and costumes far as the eye can see. While most alternative drag takes place in Brooklyn nowadays, this show did win the Brooklyn Nightlife Award honor of “Best Reason To Leave Brooklyn,” so you know it’s worth making the trek to 14th and B for tiki drinks, alt vibes, and performances by Ms. Ter, Angelica Sundae, Mini Horrorwitz, and Richard Dicocko.


(image via Matthew Albani / Facebook)

EmJay Presents Urinalkuchen
Friday, October 12 at Vital Joint, 8 pm: $5

I don’t know about you, but when I think of German music, I’m less inclined to think of accordions and lederhosen and more inclined to throw on an all-black outfit and start step-touching to techno until the sun rises while chugging a bottle of Club Mate (or Brooklyn brand White Label Mate) mixed with vodka. Uh, yes, I studied abroad in Berlin, if you were wondering. But enough about that, on Friday you can get a taste of hardcore beats with a side order of laughs at the latest edition of EmJay’s musical comedy show. Last time, it was hosted by a Greenwich Village folk duo, and this time industrial techno duo Urinalkuchen (who look suspiciously like that folk duo from before) will be reuniting on Vital Joint’s cozy stage alongside the silly sonic stylings of Chase Montanan, Edy Modica, Kyle Gordon, Kendall Payne, and Jason Weitzman.


(flyer via Rara Darling / Facebook)

Primal Scream: Hocus Pocus
Saturday, October 13 at Bizarre Bushwick, 10:30 pm: $10-20 suggested donation

Last week we told you about a show that had the vibe of a debaucherous underground nightclub. Bitch Productions and burlesque performer Rara Darling’s Primal Scream is similar, except instead of just having elements of this it’s quite literally a burlesque variety show upstairs, and a kink-laden dungeon downstairs. Pick your poison, or indulge in both. As should be the case with all steamy evenings, this is a very consent-focused event, and repeated instances of boundary-pushing (not the good kind) and misgendering will be cause for one’s rejection from the premises. So, exercise basic respect and you too can enjoy a night of shows, clothes removal, hot wax, pleasurable pain demos, and more adventures.


(image via The Tank / Facebook)

Ruffles, Or A Progression of Rakes
Now though October 21 at The Tank, 8 pm: $25+ ($15 for students)

Unless you’re one of the lucky people in the city to have a backyard, you probably don’t think too much about rakes. Playwright Normandy Sherwood sure does, as they show up in droves in the new piece she’s both written and directed (and co-designed costumes and sets), Ruffles, Or A Progression Of Rakes. The story follows Ruffles, a boy who works in a stable and has a lot of doubts about his job, as we all probably do. Is it moral? Is it worth it? Should I be doing something else? Is there even any way at all to contribute to the world in a meaningful sense when society seems more and more doomed every day? Meanwhile, a rake seems to be wrestling with similar existential inquiries. And so, probably, are you.