The music of Public Service Broadcasting has been described by NPR as “suitable for a laser show at the local planetarium.” They’ll actually do that setting one better when they play their space-inspired tunes aboard the USS Intrepid on Sept. 20.

That’s right, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is kicking off its four-day Space & Science Festival with a live concert, and who better to mark the occasion than the prepsters of PSB. They’ll be playing songs from their album The Race for Space, an instrumental ode to the midcentury space race between the United States and Soviet Union. The stylistically wide-ranging album has the epic, cinematic feel and throwback synth vibes of Tangerine Dream’s best work, with samples from news clips and cockpit recordings woven in to convey the drama and sometimes fatal consequences of the Sputnik, Soyuz, and Apollo missions. (Talk about dark side of the moon.) In past performances, the music has been accompanied by archival video footage as well.

Obviously, it’ll be awesome to soak all of this in within view of the space shuttle Enterprise. (Not to mention our other favorite from the museum’s aircraft collection, the Concorde. Highly recommend the guided tour.) Oh, and did we mention there’ll be booze for sale? You can snag tickets ($25) here. The only question is: Will PSB premiere a song dedicated to Trump’s Space Force?