It’s not yet ice cream weather (grrr), but that isn’t stopping OddFellows Ice Cream Co. from expanding to Nolita. The quirky parlor with locations in Williamsburg and the East Village just added another outpost at 55 East Houston Street, and there is a lot happening here.

First off, this isn’t an ice cream parlor so much as a “Coffee & Cream” parlor, as indicated by the gold leaf over the door and the big ol’ exterior mural on Mott Street. The menu features coffee-ice cream hybrids (let’s just call them covfefes) such as cold brew milkshakes, coffee-flavored soft-serve, espressos topped with creatively flavored whipped creams, and (sorry, sundae haters) a sundae that includes espresso and “coffee soil.”

In addition to the usual gamut of coffee drinks, there are ever-trendy matcha drinks, the requisite kombucha on tap, and Stumptown cold brew poured over coffee ice cubes for good measure. For the early adopters who are already so over oat milk, OddFellows allows guests to upgrade their froth to milks that are infused with flavors like smoked raisin, toast, and burnt marshmallow. (Basically, Mason is doing for whipped cream and milk what he did for mayo at his artisanal mayonnaise shop.)

In addition to rotating ice cream flavors like the classic Miso Cherry, there’ll be pastries from Bien Cuit and donuts from Du’s Donuts, the haute donut shop that Mason’s old boss at WD~50, Wylie Dufresne, launched in Williamsburg. And yes, there will be a Miso Cherry donut.

OddFellows Coffee & Cream, 55 East Houston St., 646-746-4377; open Mon-Thu from 7am-10pm; Fri from 7am-11pm; Sat & Sun from 8am-11pm.