How many times have you had to keep from laughing as a Brooklyn server unloaded a mouthful of pretentious banter about some overpriced specials? Well, feel free to LOL as Jaassoon the Williamsburg waiter tell you about tonight’s “appie speshiez.” The psyched server is the creation of Gary DeNoia, an improv and sketch comic who does a hilarious impression of Adam Driver trying to shop for Doc Martens at Two Boots Pizza (get it? Two Boots?). Jaassoon seems like he’s high on his own supply as he tells you about the Car Key Bump Lime Pie.

In another video, Jaassoon sells the Middle Child Duck Breast: “They got a lot more to prove so they’re a little bit more tender and emotional. That’s why they taste good.” And that’s also, apparently, why the dish is $100.

In his latest, DeNoia reveals that he does his Jaassoon impressions on the job, just before the lunch shift. “This one was nerve wracking because the owner was here, which I wasn’t expecting,” he writes. Thankfully, it didn’t keep him from explaining that the sage in the Rage Sage Brown Butterface Sauce was grown in a warehouse that also makes molly.