(Photo via Roberta’s Pizzeria on Instagram)

Now that it’s been a little over a year since Roberta’s got sucked into the Pizzagate conspiracy, fans of the East Williamsburg pizzeria can look back and laugh– while pounding a Pizzagate beer. The new pale ale will launch at Roberta’s this Friday, March 2, with a party at their tiki tent.

The batshit brew is a collaboration with LIC Beer Project, and contains “enormous amounts of Citra, Cascade, a touch of Chinook and Columbus,” according to the Queens-based brewers. It’s 5.5% ABV– so, just alcoholic enough to chill you out when you start losing it because “Roberta’s” is an anagram for “aborters.”

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An hour after Roberta’s announced the beer on its Instagram page, the post had clocked over 250 likes, though a couple of commenters responded with “not funny” and “#toosoon.” In December of 2016, Roberta’s received some threatening phone calls, causing the NYPD to step up its patrols of the pizzeria lest someone pull something along the lines of the shooting at Comet Ping Pong in Washington, DC. Online, conspiracy theorists pointed to Roberta’s’ cheeky use of occult imagery and a visit from Hillary Clinton to speculate that they might have ties to an imaginary Democrat-linked child sex ring. But a year later, Roberta’s was showing its usual devil-may-care attitude by throwing “black masses” and “horror discos” at its tiki bar.

So, there you go, folks: Don’t drink the #Pizzagate kool-aid, drink the Pizzagate beer.