The corner of Third Avenue and St. Marks Place.
(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

July 1 will be the Continental’s last day after 26 years of pouring shots in the East Village, the bar has announced.

The long-standing dive announced in November that it would be forced to close within a year, as its landlord had plans to redevelop the corner of Third Avenue and St. Marks Place. A couple of adjacent businesses, Papaya King and the McDonald’s, had already closed to make way for a proposed seven-story office building.

“It’s truly heartbreaking that we and so many Old Skool places are falling by the wayside but unless you own your building that’s how it goes,” wrote Trigger Smith, the owner of Continental, who can often be seen outside of the bar in his trademark Asian conical hat.

Soon after, Continental was in the news again, this time after Smith posted a sign indicating that he would toss any patrons who used the word “literally.” After getting some pushback on Twitter, Smith said he didn’t mean it literally.

The sign imploring passersby to “STOP KARDASHIANISM NOW!” remains on the Continental’s window, but a new sign declares simply: “OUR FINAL NIGHT IS SUNDAY, JULY 1ST.”