(Photo: Andrew Karcie for NY Mag)

In a story for The Cut that describes Union Pool as the “horny utopia of 2000s Williamsburg,” Allison P. Davis highlights what’s probably the main attraction of the bar: the potential for hookups. Since there’s nothing New Yorkers love more than bonding over a dive, Twitter exploded with users sharing their own Union Pool stories– it was even a trending topic on Wednesday. Which goes to show just how pivotal the former pool supply store is for getting laid, if you’re a hipster of a certain age. Below, some of the best (and worst!) reactions to the story on Twitter.

Massey’s story is probably one of the more positive hookup stories to come out of Union Pool.

Never underestimate the power of a good taco.

The Union Pool stories on Twitter range from mildly amusing to downright horrifying, but it’s safe to say that nearly every New Yorker has made some questionable decisions in the Williamsburg bar. And even though mid-aughts Williamsburg is definitely a thing of the past, it seems like Union Pool will endure forever.