Last month, Jemima Kirke, best known as wild-child Jessa on Girls, told us why she had started painting her friends in wedding dresses. She wanted to “reopen the case” on marriage, an institution she’s “really perplexed by,” even though she’s been married before and says she’d do it again.

She said the series of paintings, currently on display at Sargent’s Daughters, had colored her opinion about the #metoo movement, which got us to talking about a controversy that had recently embroiled her old castmate Lena Dunham.

Needless to say, the jury is still out on marriage (heck, it’s still out on conventional relationships, given what Dunham recently said after splitting with her boyfriend of five years, Jack Antonoff). Which means it’s a good thing you now have more time to contemplate Kirke’s show; it’s been extended through Jan. 28.

Before you head on over to Sargent’s Daughters (179 East Broadway) on a thematically appropriate WED-nesday, read our q&a with the artist here.