If those big Broadway musicals leave you cold, why not take a chance on FRIGID New York. The annual festival, co-founded by the theater company that started the famed Fringe festival, brings together a like-minded array of international artists for a dizzying number of shows over the course of its three-week run.

When the fest once again returns to The Kraine Theater in the East Village from Feb. 14 to March 4, it’ll bring a mix of historical fiction (Renaissance painter Artemisia Gentileschi and Bernie-esque Socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs make appearances), magic, adaptations (an LGBTQ version of “As You Like It”) and one-person shows.

Horse Trade Theater Group, which produces the fest, just released the full lineup, below. Tickets range from $5 to $20. All proceeds go to the artists, which– despite FRIGID’s name– should make you feel warm and fuzzy.

…like nobody’s watching

Jake Simonds

By Jake Simonds

Tom Hanks had a volleyball named Wilson. Jake Simonds has a basketball named Spalding–who may or may not embody the spirit of Spalding Gray, neurotic pioneer of the autobiographical monologue. Inspired by Cast Away (2000) and other survival-in-isolation films, …like nobody’s watching explores loneliness in an ever-more-connected world.

Portland, OR USA


UNDER St Marks 55 min $12

Thu 15-Feb @ 05:30, Sat 17-Feb @ 08:50, Mon 19-Feb @ 07:10, Sat 24-Feb @ 12:30, Mon 26-Feb @ 10:30, Sat 03-Mar @ 03:50

50th & 4th

Mike Lemme

By Mike Lemme

Rick and Sue, an older married couple in Brooklyn, rent their spare bedroom on Craigslist.

Brooklyn, NY USA


UNDER St Marks 60 min $20

Wed 14-Feb @ 08:50, Sat 17-Feb @ 10:30, Tue 20-Feb @ 07:10, Fri 23-Feb @ 07:10, Wed 28-Feb @ 10:30

A Case for Magic

Robert Malissa

By Robert Malissa

Award-winning magician Robert Malissa puts the art of the trick on trial. He will lie, cheat, and smile as he presents sleight of hand, mentalism, and deceptive swindles, while making a case for the craft of deception. A fair and balanced examination of the art, for lovers of magic and their ambivalent friends.

Yardley, PA USA

The Kraine Theater 57 min $12

Wed 14-Feb @ 08:50, Thu 15-Feb @ 07:10, Mon 19-Feb @ 05:30, Tue 20-Feb @ 10:30, Wed 28-Feb @ 08:50, Fri 02-Mar @ 06:50

An Internment Camp Magic Show

Rich Kameda

By Rich Kameda

The audience perceives the injustices of World War Two through the eyes of a magician entertaining his fellow prisoners.

New York, NY USA

The Kraine Theater 35 min $12

Wed 14-Feb @ 07:10, Tue 20-Feb @ 08:50, Sat 24-Feb @ noon, Mon 26-Feb @ 07:10, Thu 01-Mar @ 07:10

Artemisia’s Intent

The Anthropologists

By The Anthropologists

A daughter. A student. A painter. Renaissance painter Artemisia Gentileschi was destined to create art both immediate and enduring, yet her talent was overshadowed by a violent rape. Drawing from trial testimony and a rich body of work, The Anthropologists create a vivid portrait of an artist.

New York City, NY USA


UNDER St Marks 55 min $18

Wed 14-Feb @ 05:30, Sat 24-Feb @ 07:10, Mon 26-Feb @ 07:10, Thu 01-Mar @ 10:30, Sun 04-Mar @ 03:30

As He Likes It: A Shakesqueer Comedy

Sour Grapes Productions, Genny Yosco

By Genny Yosco

This LGBTQ adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s “As You Like It” follows the star-crossed lovers Ross and Orlando as they’re separated just as quickly as they fall in love. To avoid certain death, Ross must stay in disguise, but must simultaneously find a way to woo his love without drawing suspicion.

Brooklyn, NY USA


The Kraine Theater 60 min $15

Sat 17-Feb @ 03:20, Tue 20-Feb @ 07:10, Fri 23-Feb @ 06:50, Thu 01-Mar @ 08:50, Sat 03-Mar @ 08:20

Beers About Songs

GLAM – Global Arts Management

By Ryan Adam Wells

Original songs outline a tale of love, danger and drunkenness. Join singer-songwriter Ryan Adam Wells for some sad, funny and poignant true stories about alcohol and relationships. Offer up a prayer to the Beer Gods and enjoy the tunes. (non-drinkers welcome!)

Perth, Western Australia Australia


The Kraine Theater 60 min $15

Wed 14-Feb @ 05:30, Sun 18-Feb @ 05:10, Wed 21-Feb @ 08:50, Fri 23-Feb @ 08:30, Sat 24-Feb @ 01:40, Sun 25-Feb @ 05:10

BRAVO 25: Your A.I. Therapist Will See You Now

Eliza Gibson

By Eliza Gibson

Winner ENCORE! Producers Award – Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017. Amber the A.I. therapist is here. Broken hearts, addicts in recovery, a polyamorous lesbian awaits the arrival of Superintelligence, a grieving savant who likes donuts… Wait. Someone needs a piece of somebody’s liver? Maybe it’s time to return to our breath.

San Francisco, CA USA


UNDER St Marks 60 min $15

Fri 16-Feb @ 07:10, Sun 18-Feb @ 01:50, Mon 19-Feb @ 10:30, Sat 24-Feb @ 05:30, Wed 28-Feb @ 05:30, Sun 04-Mar @ 01:50

Can’t You Tell!

Kelsey Hercs

By Kelsey Hercs

It’s 1924, New York City, and Carl Van Vechten is throwing a grand soiree in honor of the visiting Marchesa Louisa Casati. This is not that party. Join William Knightly, a heartbroken painter in his Harlem studio, and the friends who gather to lighten his spirits.

New York, NY USA

The Kraine Theater 60 min $15

Sat 17-Feb @ 08:20, Thu 22-Feb @ 08:50, Sun 25-Feb @ 03:30, Tue 27-Feb @ 05:30, Sat 03-Mar @ 03:20

Dooley Manning

By Manning Jordan

Set in the late 60’s, four friends explore their deep desires and fear through a psychological board game, Dooley.

New York, NY USA


The Kraine Theater 50 min $20

Fri 16-Feb @ 05:10, Mon 19-Feb @ 08:50, Thu 22-Feb @ 07:10, Mon 26-Feb @ 10:30, Sat 03-Mar @ 01:40

I lied to Marianne Williamson

Ilsa Jule

By Ilsa Jule

My pet peeve is “white lies” and yet once in a while I’m guilty of small deceptions. Want to know why I wasn’t entirely truthful with a New York Times bestselling author and self-help guru? In “I lied to Marianne Williamson,” all will be revealed. You don’t want to miss that.

New York, NY USA


UNDER St Marks 45 min $12

Wed 14-Feb @ 10:30, Sat 17-Feb @ 03:50, Sat 24-Feb @ 02:10, Tue 27-Feb @ 07:10, Fri 02-Mar @ 08:50

It’s Sameful: A deadbeat dad’s story

Murray Meyer

By Murray Meyer

A criminal defense lawyer, feels like the worst piece of shit in the world for walking out on his wife and kids years before; worse than the gangster murderer (alleged) he’s defending. Now his kids are coming to live with him.

Los Angeles, CA USA

UNDER St Marks 45 min $5

Thu 15-Feb @ 08:50, Wed 21-Feb @ 07:10, Sun 25-Feb @ 03:30, Tue 27-Feb @ 05:30, Fri 02-Mar @ 07:10, Sat 03-Mar @ 02:10

Katharine Ferns is in Stitches

Katharine Ferns

By Katharine Ferns

Brutally funny and unflinchingly honest show from UK-based Canadian comedian Katharine Ferns (MTV). Reviewed as a “pitch perfect” comedic journey about the visible and invisible scars of surviving mental illness, domestic violence, and drug addiction with feminism for comic relief.

Manchester, Manchester United Kingdom


UNDER St Marks 60 min $20

Fri 16-Feb @ 08:50, Tue 20-Feb @ 05:30, Wed 21-Feb @ 10:30, Sun 25-Feb @ 05:10, Fri 02-Mar @ 10:30

Lenny Bruce is Not Afraid

Hub Theatricals

By Mark Levy

The world is over and the last 2 people randomly meet in a zombie-filled NYC for a first date. They head back to his place….will they or wont they in this dark rom-com

Brooklyn, NY USA

UNDER St Marks 60 min $20

Sat 17-Feb @ 06:40, Mon 19-Feb @ 07:10, Thu 22-Feb @ 05:30, Tue 27-Feb @ 07:10, Sun 04-Mar @ 12:10

Life in 60 Minutes

Stamp Brothers Productions

By Zach and Joey Stamp

A one hour rock show exploring the life of a Marine Corps Veteran. High School, Boot Camp, Afghanistan, Addiction, Recovery, and the meaning of life.

New York, New York USA

The Kraine Theater 48 min $8

Thu 15-Feb @ 08:50, Sun 18-Feb @ 03:30, Sat 24-Feb @ 06:40, Sun 25-Feb @ 12:10, Fri 02-Mar @ 08:30

Little League

Three Hares

By Jack Spagnola

On the bleachers during a little league game, parents root for their children, teenagers flirt with heartbreak, and strangers become friends. LITTLE LEAGUE explores the compassion and courage it takes to grow up.

Brooklyn, New York USA

www.jackspagnola.com AND www.noamshapiro.com

The Kraine Theater 50 min $15

Thu 15-Feb @ 10:30, Sun 18-Feb @ 01:50, Wed 21-Feb @ 07:10, Sun 25-Feb @ 06:50, Mon 26-Feb @ 05:30, Wed 28-Feb @ 10:30

Looking Backward to Now

Tethersend Productions

By Doug McLauchlan

Bernie Sanders returned the people’s voice to American politics. His muse was Eugene Debs who ran five times for President a century ago. Mr. Debs is back and he is not happy. No politician has stood against elites for the rights of the common man more eloquently or forcefully. Check it out.

Toronto, Ontario Canada

The Kraine Theater 60 min $20

Wed 28-Feb @ 05:30, Sat 17-Feb @ 05:00, Tue 20-Feb @ 05:30, Mon 26-Feb @ 08:50, Sat 03-Mar @ 06:40

Mad Cool

4th Productions

By Nick Parker & Ayo Edebiri

Mad Cool is a two-character one-act about Tina and Daniel, an interracial couple moving into a gentrifying neighborhood in Brooklyn on the hottest day of the year. With no A/C. As they set up in their new apartment, tensions (both romantic and racial) bubble up, culminating in a grisly accident. This tense dark comedy lays bare the harsh difficulties of interracial relationships between lovers, between roommates, and between New York neighbors.

Brooklyn, New York USA

The Kraine Theater 60 min $15

Sat 17-Feb @ 12:30, Sun 18-Feb @ 06:50, Mon 26-Feb @ 05:30, Thu 01-Mar @ 07:10, Sun 04-Mar @ 12:10

Margaret Nuttall

By Maggie Nuttall

Maggie is raw, manic, unpredictable, in your face, smart, funny, authentic, unapologetic, stunning, unforgettable, juggernaut of Feminist Kinison rage. At least that is how people on Facebook describe her performances. This show is filled with true stories which contain all of these elements. She is also a former smoker, so watch out and get your laugh on!

New York, NY USA

UNDER St Marks 60 min $20