East 4th Street just got a neat little Easter egg: You wouldn’t know it, but a flag designed by Yoko Ono is now flying above the cultural district known as Fourth Arts Block, between Bowery and Second Avenue. Look above Creative Time’s headquarters and there it is: a white flag imploring passersby to “IMAGINE PEACE.” It’s the latest installment of Yoko’s same-titled campaign of billboards, pins, posters, and online messages.

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

The flag went up today along with similar ones in 14 locations across the country, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in Detroit, California College of the Arts in Oakland, KMAC Museum in Louisville, and three locations in City Hall in Bloomington, Indiana. It’s part of Creative Time’s “Pledge of Allegiance” series, for which the organization has commissioned flags from artists such as Robert Longo, Marilyn Minter, and Nari Ward. The series kicked off on Flag Day, June 14, with a “RESIST” flag by Marilyn Minter; the most recent installment– by Bronx-born, Brooklyn-based artist Jayson Musson– was a banner advertising “A HORROR MOVIE CALLED WESTERN CIVILIZATION,” which came with cheeky trailer that tied the Trump administration, among other things, to horror movies like The Shining.

“Each flag embodies art’s ability to channel political passion, providing a unifying symbol around which to unite, as well as a call-to-action for institutions nationwide to raise upcoming Pledges of Allegiance flags in solidarity with Creative Time,” the organization explains.

The Yoko flag is best seen across the street from at 59 East 4th Street, facing the west side of the building, but even then it’s tough to get a good look at it. Still, you can check it off your list along with Ai Weiwei’s installation at Cooper Union and Chihuly’s Rose Crystal Tower in Union Square.