Back in May, when Brooklyn filmmaker Onur Tukel showed his Bob Byington-directed Infinity Baby at the Montclair Film Festival, he said his next one would be about “two Trump supporters in a hotel room partying and celebrating on election night.” Which was definitely intriguing, given Tukel’s penchant for mordant dialogue. Now we have a teaser for The Misogynists. The director neglected to mention that his film is about Trump supporters in a hotel room with hookers and cocaine.

Playing the Trumpkins are musician Jamie Block, who first tried his hand at acting in Tukel’s Abby Singer/Songwriter, and Dylan Baker, who played a tortured shock jock in Catfight. A steady stream of people get sucked into their orbit over the course of the night, including a pair of prostitutes played by Ivana Milicevic (also of Catfight) and Trieste Kelly Dunn (of Tukel movies like Bushwick vampire comedy Summer of Blood). Needless to say, we get plenty of Tukel’s usual fretting about the challenges of monogamy.

The Misogynists premiered at the Hamptons Film Festival earlier this month. In a Q&A done for the fest, Tukel said the film, written just days after the election, was about “a collective sickness in America. Americans are ridden with anxiety, paranoia, and a moral certitude blanketed in hypocrisy. The movie mocks our self-righteousness, our moral indignation.” No word yet on when and were it’ll be released.