(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

The East Village is already the dessert capital of New York, what with its donut ice cream sandwiches, marshmallows on a stick, egg-waffle ice cream cones, liquid-nitrogen ice creamsnow cream and all the rest. The latest: a wildly popular Taiwanese dessert chain is hitting Cooper Square.

Meet Fresh just unveiled its “coming soon” signage at Cooper Square and East 6th Street, in the long vacant retail space next to Pourt, the cafe and coworking spot. The signage, mostly in Taiwanese, promises “exquisite desserts” such as tofu pudding and herbal jelly. In addition to taro balls, any of these ingredients can be mixed with others like lotus seeds, red beans, coconut jelly, and tapioca pearls, according to a sample menu. The chain also offers shaved ice topped with ingredients like mochi, mango, and lemon-fig jelly. Beverages include winter melon teas and lattes as well as traditional green, black and milk teas.

According to its bio, Meet Fresh was started in Taiwan in 2007 by a brother and sister and has since grown to over 100 stores there, in addition to numerous locations across Asia and in New Zealand, and Australia. A video shot at the Cupertino, California location a week after it opened in 2016 reported “insane” two-hour waits. A more recent Yelp review reports, “Every time I’ve been here, there’s been a long line, sometimes out the door (esp on the hot summer nights).”

Will an East Village desserterie also draw crowds? It’s been known to happen.