(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

Sweetgreen is growing like a weed. The D.C.-born chain just opened a new one. Its 19th New York City location is in Greenwich Village, right off of Union Square and just a few blocks from the outpost that came to Astor Place a year ago.

If you’re a fan of Austrian confections, you’ll be bummed to hear that Sweetgreen has taken over the space that used to belong to Gunz. That’s the corner spot at 101 University Place, a stone’s throw from the recently opened Luke’s Lobster. It’s a narrow storefront with just a dozen or so window stools for seating, meaning it’s likely to attract the lines out the door that are de rigueur at other Sweetgreen locations. But it’s clear the place is planning to do a swift takeout business. An entire wall is lined with shelves where customers can pick up the orders they’ve placed using the brand’s mobile app. (Don’t worry, luddites: Unlike the new Shake Shack over on Astor Place, there are still human order takers here.)

True to other Sweetgreens, there’s a board telling you exactly where each ingredient comes from, so you can know who provided the shrimp for your “Rad Thai” bowl.

This location will be open daily from 10:30am to 10pm.