(image via Chocolate Dances / Facebook)

Chocolate Dances’ Costume Party Tasting Performance
Wednesday, October 11 and Saturday, October 14 at Triskelion Arts, 8 pm: $30 advance, $35 doors

Sometimes, chocolate is paired with wine. Sometimes, ice cream. Sometimes, milk. Sometimes chocolate is eaten in groups, sometimes alone in a bedroom in large quantities in the dark of night. Less so is chocolate associated with dancing, but this show will almost certainly change that. Chocolate Dances is a company run by Megan Sipe, who is both a choreographer and a literal chocolatier. She has wisely combined these two things into a night that pairs dance performance with handmade chocolates, from decadent infused truffles to smatterings of cacao nibs. Plus, there will be colorful and fun costumes, and even some for the audience to try on, which might be a good idea in case you get chocolate on yourself, which is likely. I’ve seen Megan and her cohorts perform several times before, and tried her chocolates, and I must say you will be in for a treat. Literally and figuratively.


(image via Bushwick Starr)

Animal Wisdom
October 11-November 4 at The Bushwick Starr, 8 pm: $20

If I had to guess, I would say a show called Animal Wisdom is about some very nice and smart talking woodland creatures that explain folktales and moral lessons to you. While that exact thing is probably being made by an animation house somewhere, this show is not about that. Created by composer Heather Christian, Animal Wisdom is a folk-blues musical that is mostly about death and all that surrounds it. It was crafted, allegedly, from conversations had with the dead, and these were strung together with old Methodist hymns, a “gothic catholic mass,” and other meditations on spirits and science. If you like good music, spooky tales, scientific skepticism, or all of the above, this could be the show for you.


(flyer via Paid Protest / Facebook)

Paid Protest VI
Friday, October 13 at Starr Bar, 7 pm: $10 suggested donation

Well, what do you know, it appears that old George Soros is at it again, lobbing gobs of money at average folk to get them to protest. Actually, upon further investigation this “Paid Protest” has no Soros involvement at all, but rather it is a comedy show to raise money for a worthy cause. The recurring show is hosted by Alex Ptak, Anders Lee, and Raghav Mehta, all of the podcast Left Jest, which combines comedians and leftist politics. This time around, they’re raising money for hurricane relief in the areas affected by Irma and Maria, and the folks telling jokes are Dan Perlman, Shalewa Sharpe, Tommy McNamara, Irene Fagan Merrow, Gabriel Pacheco, and “a special guest.” The event description asks you to imagine a menacing pumpkin, so I assume that will be the guest. Spooky!


(flyer via Eventbrite)

The New Masculinities Festival
Saturday, October 14 at The LGBT Center, 4 pm: $15 students, $20 general

The old masculinity is dead! At least, god, I hope it is. That stuff is toxic. For a look at some New Masculinities, whatever that may mean (and ideally it means a lot of different things because masculinity only having one rigid definition is Part of the Problem), head on over to the LGBT Center this Saturday for an entire day exploring what masculinity can be, and how it can exist while evading transphobia, white supremacy, and the hetero-patriarchy.

In addition to a dinner buffet between acts, you can find performances about the current political administration (no shortage of men there), being queer and disabled and in a frat, Walt Whitman, and a work created by current inmates. That’s just the tip of the manly iceberg. The festival is divided into two halves of about 6-8 acts each, which will be followed by a discussion.


(poster by Lorelei Ramirez)

Not Dead Yet
Sunday, October 15 at C’mon Everybody, 8 pm: $5

Against what seems to be all odds, many of us are still living today. Since you are not a corpse– or if you are, then you are able to read still and maybe walk, too– you will be able to attend this month’s edition of Lorelei Ramirez’s comedy variety show. There may not be zombies (who knows), but there will be comedy by Julio Torres, Eudora Peterson, Nore Davis, and Marcia Belsky, videos by Carmen Christopher, Grimy Ghost, and Manolo Moreno, and music by Madison McFerrin. Wow, look at all of those names. Judging only by the names, one of them seems like an actual ghost, which is someone who is dead. But, who knows. Also, at the show, there will be the opportunity to donate to hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, because they still really need it.