(flyer via The Juice / Facebook)

The Juice!
Wednesday, October 25 at Union Pool, 7:30 pm: $5 advance, $7 doors

What is The Juice? Is it pressed and does it cost $9 for some reason? I do not know about how pressing the situation is, but I do know that this juice costs $5 in advance and $7 at the door. It is also a comedy show hosted by Carmen Christopher, which seems more enjoyable than sipping some green and/or pulpy liquid through a straw, which we were recently reminded are bad. Tonight, the show welcomes stand-up from Liza Treyger, Casey James Salengo, Dan Licata, and Greta Titelman, and improv from John Reynolds, Zack Pearlman, Monique Moses, Meghan Strickland, Matt Barats, and Zach Cherry. If you’re already tired of all the spooky and Halloween-themed goings-on around, why not check out something loosely themed around uh, juice.


(image via Stigma Unbound / Facebook)

Stigma Unbound: A Sex Workers And Allies Performance Night
Thursday, October 26 at Catland, 7 pm: $12 advance, $15 doors

Thursday night marks the unveiling of Stigma Unbound, a performance art night dedicated to giving sex workers and their allies a platform. Through video, visual art, and live performance, an impressive and multifaceted roster of sex workers, educators, scholars, and more will present work dealing with topics like labor and capitalism, customer service, gender, and stigmatization. In a world where sex work is still largely misunderstood, condemned, and criminalized, this evening lets these workers and creators take their narrative into their own hands. Perhaps you’ll leave pondering how sex and performance collide in your own life; surely it’s far more than you initially anticipated.


(flyer by Maryam Turki and Mariel Berger, via Facebook)

The Moon Show
Friday, October 27 at St. Lydia’s, 7:30 pm: $5-15 suggested donation

It is time once again for The Moon Show, a recurring showcase of multidisciplinary artists who belong to marginalized groups and are often underrepresented in other shows and platforms. They attempt to foster community and creativity in response to the state of America and the world, which seems to still get bleaker by the day. So, if you want to spend an evening being reminded of the people who are providing fearlessness and light in these dark times, this could be the show for you. Friday’s show offers a variety of live performance, including dance by Anthonywash Rosado, Melanie Greene, and Brianna Taylor, music by Kristina Bengtsson, Jay Dref, and Subhra Prakas, percussion by April Centrone, and poetry by Maria Jose.


(image via La MaMa)

Now through October 29 at La MaMa, 2 pm and 7 pm: $25 ($20 students/seniors)

The state of Alaska is not always a frequent travel destination. Despite being the largest state in the country, it is also the most sparsely populated. However, it has a long and storied history worth exploring. If you’d like to learn more about it but can’t make the trip, this show by Ping Chong + Company could be a good substitute. It uses a mix of puppetry, video, music, and movement to create an “anthropological collage” of the state, delving into the multitude of cultures present in the area and how they have meshed and/or clashed. A variety of Central Yup’ik individuals are part of the creative team, and the show is partially based on the creators’s actual experiences in Alaska.