Image by Greenpoint Galleries.

How about one last gallery stroll before the weather turns cold and makes a night on the town a little less enticing? On Friday a host of fall shows will open during Greenpoint Gallery Night, and you can expect plenty of spooky art for Halloween.

At Calico, Damion Silver will be showing his most recent 3D and 2D work. Silver applies geometric shapes to sturdy materials, often putting a spin on found objects. He draws inspiration from his skater lifestyle, cultivated on the Boston waterfront.

Calico is in the Greenpoint Terminal Building, a hive of artistic activity since a fire in 2006. Its neighbor, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, will show new pieces by four artists, Austin English, B. Thom Stevenson, Cody Tumblin, and June Culp. The show, “Bone-white Burial,” promises to offer a “touch of macabre.”



“Crazy Clown Bangers” @ the Brooklyn Safehouse (Image via Subtexture)

Scary Art for Scary Times,” at Brooklyn Safehouse, is a spooky barroom show being rolled out for Halloween. In addition to art from some nine artists, there’ll be drinks and tacos for sale.

Dina Gadia often uses collages of vintage printed material to poke fun at the ideas originally represented in them. She lives in the Philippines, and the pieces on display in the “Malady of Association,” at Owen James Gallery, touch on themes of colonialism, consumerism and the environment. In the Living Area series, she takes an image of a well furnished living room, usually a sanctuary from the world, and fills it reminders that there’s no sanctuary from death.

Image via Owen James Gallery.


Auxiliary Projects is inviting people to come in and see the works of Taleen Berberian. For the last 20 years art, Berberian’s art has focused on femininity, and “Clairvoyant Dementia” continues to explore those themes via crafts like knitting and felt cutouts.

(Image via Point Green)

Ideographs,” which opened on Friday the 13th at Point Green, features pieces from eight artists, spanning mediums like sculpture, photography and painting. All of them aim to be initially striking or unnerving, and then reveal greater meaning upon closer inspection.

For a full list of Greenpoint Gallery Night shows, see the Facebook event page.