(image via Babycastles / Facebook)

Virtual Insanity
Opening Monday, July 17 at VR World NYC, 7 pm to midnight.

I think we can all agree that reality as we know it currently leaves something to be desired. So, what about virtual reality? For those not particularly prone to dizziness and/or nausea, it can be a very effective way to literally escape the perils of life and be thrust into a new environment. Even if you move your head in a bunch of angles, you can’t escape it! It’s pretty remarkable, TBH. Or terrifying, depending on what world you’re virtually immersed in. 

Tonight is the beginning of VR World NYC and Babycastles’ “VR-themed exhibition and concert.” You’ll be able to see VR ~experiences~ crafted by 9 developers/artists and vibe to music from Icarus Moth, RAFiA, and Haleek Maul. How hard can you dance without your VR goggles falling off? Tonight be the night to find out.

(image via Gallery Sensei)

Tenant, Tranant, Trance
Opening Tuesday, July 18 at Gallery Sensei, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through July 20.

Moving is something anyone living in New York is probably way too familiar with. Sometimes you’re moving to a bare, unfurnished apartment, and sometimes there are small traces here and there of a life previously lived. Lin Wang’s latest exhibition at LES space Gallery Sensei takes this idea and runs with it, creating an array of domestic appliances that truly live and breathe.

In some cases, these sculptures are combined with aspects of human bodies. For example, there is hair. A lot of hair. It’s mostly hair. Tufts, curls, and strands cover ceiling fans, massage cushions, doors, and more. Some are the more standard blonde or brunette, others bright red or pink. Alongside the sculptural pieces will be a series of paintings. Perhaps they, too, will be rather hirsute.

(flyer via Eric Lawton / Facebook)

Discursive Selves
Opening Friday, July 21 at Westbeth Gallery, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through August 11.

What is a self portrait, anyway? Well, it can encompass a lot, of course. But rather than just leaving it at that, the curators of this exhibition want to really get to the bottom of it all. Restricting the medium of self portraiture to film and photography, they have assembled 11 artists who create work exploring the multifaceted nature of the Self. Specially, their very own Self. Brush up on your Derrida or look in the mirror for a long time or something, as you’re surely in for a deep dive into selfhood.

​DONALD & AVERY TRAVER; “Untitled” (detail); acrylic, flashe and mixed media on paper; 7ft x 7ft x 7ft

Donald and Avery Traver
Opening Saturday, July 22 at Jorge Andrew Gallery, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through July 23.

For this exhibition of paintings, NEA grant recipient Donald Traver enlisted the help of an unlikely collaborator: his 14 year-old son Avery. This duo worked together to create a series of eye-catching paintings that resemble a cross between photographic documentation of outer space, a pastel dreamland, and the works of renowned splatter guru Jackson Pollock.

Dots and splashes of paint aren’t the only component of these works. They also predominantly feature aspects of a human skeleton, an image which recalls both a morbid self-awareness of one’s own mortality and a particularly kitschy sense of humor. Spooky skeleton dance, anyone? According to a press release, Ol’ Skelly himself can be traced back to Donald and Avery’s first collab, in which a skeleton cutout from Avery’s classroom Halloween decorations ended up in one of Donald’s paintings.