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Art This Week: Father + Son Collab, VR World, Hairy Domesticity

(image via Babycastles / Facebook)

Virtual Insanity
Opening Monday, July 17 at VR World NYC, 7 pm to midnight.

I think we can all agree that reality as we know it currently leaves something to be desired. So, what about virtual reality? For those not particularly prone to dizziness and/or nausea, it can be a very effective way to literally escape the perils of life and be thrust into a new environment. Even if you move your head in a bunch of angles, you can’t escape it! It’s pretty remarkable, TBH. Or terrifying, depending on what world you’re virtually immersed in. 

Tonight is the beginning of VR World NYC and Babycastles’ “VR-themed exhibition and concert.” You’ll be able to see VR ~experiences~ crafted by 9 developers/artists and vibe to music from Icarus Moth, RAFiA, and Haleek Maul. How hard can you dance without your VR goggles falling off? Tonight be the night to find out. More →

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These All-Women Shows Bring Feminist Art of Now to Centerstage

Thirty years after the Guerrilla Girls put on their masks and started conducting “weenie counts,” women are still at a disadvantage in the art world. But — as we were reminded by “Girls at Night on the Internet,” a recent show highlighting female net and digi-artists — women are establishing their own, parallel structures of artistic legitimacy and supporting each other now more than ever. Three upcoming all-female art shows demonstrate that women (and female-identifying) artists are connecting across disciplines and taking charge of their own depiction possibly now more than ever.
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Joseph Latimore (Passerby, Panda) Has Opened Sensei, ‘For Artists and People Who Love Art’

Athena LaTocha's New Works, Installation View at Sensei Gallery. (Photo: Allyson Shiffman)

Athena LaTocha’s new works at Gallery Sensei. (Photo: Allyson Shiffman)

For every couple of dozen unpleasant openings and closings in LES, there’s one that manages to restore our faith in the neighborhood, if only for a glorious moment. Gallery Sensei, a 2,000 sq. ft. gallery and arts event space at 278 Grand Street, is one such opening. The permanent outpost of the art project of the same name, Sensei promises exhibitions, art events and even booze! Yes, there’s a charming bar in the back of the space ideal for discussing the works on view or how much your rent has gone up this month.
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