It’s been a while since we saw something worthy of This Is Why You’re Fat, but the blog may just have to relaunch for this one. This weekend, West Village bakery The Doughnut Project is serving up a Maple Bourbon Tabasco Glazed doughnut, which is curious enough on its own. But here’s the blechtacular part: At the same time, Root & Bone will be using the orbs for fried chicken sandwiches.

This is probably the weirdest use of fried chicken we’ve seen since the chicken-in-a-cone being served in Coney Island and Rockaway this summer.

But back to the donut sandos. Dressed with pickles, fried green tomato, and cheese, they’ll be available at the East Village Southern cookin’ spot from Saturday, May 27, through Monday, May 29, throughout the day until they sell out. Price: $15 and whatever a pack of wet wipes costs.