The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

Picture courtesy of AoBFF17.

Here’s some good news for New York’s numerous indie film fans – the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival is only a week away.

Running June 3 to 12, the festival (acronym, for extra credit: AoBFF17) describes itself as “the ONLY international, independent festival in the world devoted to Brooklyn’s vibrant film and media scene,” and considers films with any connection to the borough.

This year’s festival features an idiosyncratic mixture of offerings – everything from a documentary on eclipse-chasing astrophysicists to two pieces from cult director Nick Zedd (of “Cinema of Transgression” fame) and Bushwick “creative complex” Brooklyn Fire Proof.

The Zedd films are called Attack of the Particle Disruptors and, ah, The Death of Muffinhead. They promise to be sufficiently strange and unsettling. A peek:

Courtesy of Kenneth Filmer. Artist: Hazel Lee Santino.

Attack of the Particle Disruptors

From Nick Zedd’s Attack of the Particle Disruptors. Courtesy of Kenneth Filmer.

There will also be some more mainstream indie features, like Certain Women, the new feature from indie stalwart Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff, Night Moves). Following the intersecting stories of several people living in Montana, Certain Women— adapted from short stories by Maile Meloy– will no doubt deliver on two classic Reichardt themes: strong women and the American Northwest.

Tickets and more info here.