(Photo: Pop Pasta’s Instagram)

The hybrid haters came out in full force when Smorgasburg announced that its new crop of vendors would include Pop Pasta, a specialist in “spaghetti donuts.” As you can imagine, that wasn’t going to stop trend-seekers from lining up for them when Smorgasburg returned to Williamsburg’s East River State Park on Saturday.

The proprietors of Pop Pasta tell us there was a line 15 minutes before they opened and they sold out around 2pm. As a result, they’re planning to bring more donuts next week, along with a secret new flavor.

Reviews of the donut-shaped fried spaghetti ranged from “actually really good” to “it’s okay!” to “unfortunately underwhelming” to “pretty darn tasty”. I say tomato, you say tomato puree fried into an orb of spaghetti and eggs, let’s call the whole thing off?

Surprisingly, the spaghetti donut didn’t seem to get as much Insta play as the simple churros at another vendor, Dulcinea, to say nothing of their churro ice-cream sandwiches:

Churro peanut butter-banana ice cream sandwich #smorgasburg #dulcinea

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Reporting by Sam Patwell.