(Photo: Pop Pasta’s Instagram)

Nope, it’s not an April Fool’s joke– spaghetti donuts really are coming to Smorgasburg this weekend, via new vendor Pop Pasta, and the uproar is so intense that we can officially consider this a spaghetti incident. A tweet from Food & Wine unleashed a flurry of “Nooooos,” and “Ewwwws” in both text and gif form. F&W’s Facebook post got a similar reception; it’s clear people really want Pop Pasta to put a fork in this.

Thing is, fried spaghetti orbs are nothing new– the folks at Pop Pasta say they were inspired by Neapolitan-style frittata di spaghetti, wherein pasta leftovers are fried along with eggs and cheese. Instead of serving this as a round pie, they’re serving it as a donut. Plus, spaghetti donuts aren’t even new to New York– Pop Pasta has served them at a couple of Shwick’s markets. So, big whoop, right? WRONG. The Smorg debut is apparently the last straw for people who’ve endured mash-ups and viral vittles like the cronut, the rainbow bagel, the ramen burger, and the churron. (Okay, the churron doesn’t exist outside of Broad City, but another Smorgasburg vendor will be doing churro ice-cream sandwiches.)

On Facebook, Allison Robicelli, the pastry chef who recently closed her Brooklyn bakery and high-tailed it to Baltimore, wrote, “Reason #239 why I was fucking done with the NYC food scene,” and elaborated: “Everyone is just looking for the next wacky thing to be IGed. This isn’t about food anymore, it’s about hits. And, sadly, hits are what you need to pay the rent- but they only last for about two weeks.”

Here’s a screenshot of some like-minded comments that appeared on Gothamist.

And a taste of the feedback on Twitter.

Pop Pasta still hasn’t publicly responded to the haterz, but at least one food-world luminary, Helen Rosner of Eater, is sticking up for spaghetti donuts in what may or may not be a subtle plea to have them sent to her office so she won’t have to wait in the inevitable line.