(Photo: Aimee Bianca)

Let’s face it, Bedford Avenue has become seriously congested with strollers, and Oleanders, the restaurant that billed itself as a modern-day fern bar, is now a hotspot for Babies Who Brunch. So, it’s time to ask: Is it possible that Park Slope has gotten cooler than Williamsburg? I mean, there are still plenty of reasons to mock the Food Coop— on the other hand, Park Slope just scored its own Blue Bottle and is even getting an outpost of Nitehawk. And then there’s this.

A tipster, Aimee Bianca, sends in this photo with a question: “This is the Arab-owned deli/newsstand in my hood. Was something lost in translation?” The tiny deli, at 168 7th Avenue, used to be called the News Room, but the magazine selection wasn’t exactly in Kinfolk territory. (More like Southern Living). Our source confirms that there’s “absolutely nothing” hip about the Hipster Deli, so Williamsburg can rest easy for now. We’ll let you know when they start stocking White Label mate soda.

In the meantime, a person who answered the phone at Hipster Deli declined to be interviewed about the name change. Fuggin’ hipsters!