How low can a punk get?

Nearly 34 years to the day Bad Brains asked that question on their April 15, 1983 release, Rock For Light, we finally have an answer: about 9″ off the ground. That’s the height of a new figurine paying tribute to Paul “H.R.” Hudson, the legendary lead singer of the New York punk band. The figurine is being released by Tokyo-based PressPop this summer, and is now available via pre-order via Aggronautix, distributors of the Debbie Harry bobblehead.

Surprisingly, the PVC statuette, designed by Sof’boy comic creator Archer Prewitt and approved by H.R. himself, doesn’t bobble, nor does it do backflips into the crowd– but then again the rocker turned reggae artist has mellowed out since his days ripping up the stage at CBGBs. Last year, his wife and manager set up a Gofundme page that raised nearly $20,000 for brain surgery to remedy chronic headaches. The operation was successfully completed last month, shortly before his 61st birthday, according to Billboard.

Despite the healh issues, H.R. is still spreading PMA and still active on the scene– in December, he played a packed show at Bowery Electric with his Philly-based reggae band Kingsound, and in January he appeared at St. Vitus following a screening of a new documentary about his life and times, Finding Joseph I.

The H.R. statuette is going for $49.95 over at Aggronautix.