One of the three rules of A Day Without a Woman is to avoid spending money with the exception of small, female-owned businesses. If you’re looking for one, look no further. Williamsburg resident Julia Small O’Kelly opened Smallhome in the neighborhood three years ago as a way to sell her own pieces, such as her “tiny taxidermy” lamps and maps on cork board. The store has since flourished into a place where you can find a variety of small creations from mostly local, mostly female artists.

while I was writing out and erasing nearly a dozen paragraphs in my attempt to portray the importance and yet the anger that comes with another day that shouldn’t need to exist in order to acknowledge and celebrate a group of people … an 11 day old baby girl came in on the chest of her father. It is her first trip ever outside and with that a sudden emotional jolt reminded me that we are all responsible in curating this world for each others children. If we ensure that everyone is allowed to be themselves and prove Maya Angelou was right that “nothing can dim the light that shines from within” … then this world will always have enough light to guide us through the darkness. celebrate women, celebrate each other✌ #iwd

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, Smallhome is giving out the above “Women at Work” stickers to anyone interested. Tag “one of your battling babes who inspires you” and O’Kelly will mail each of you a sticker. “I click on [your profile] and then I click on whoever [you] tagged and all of a sudden I’ve learned about 50 new women,” she tells us. She’ll be sending freebies out all week, so head to her Instagram to snag a bumper sticker or a smaller 2×4. They’re a nod to “all the amazing women who are making/doing incredibly vibrant work no matter what the opposition,” O’Kelly writes.

Smallhome is also giving out free postcards to Trump asking him to release his tax returns. Stop by the store at 770 Metropolitan Avenue to pick one up, and maybe buy some “boobie hooks” while you’re at it.

Correction: The original version of this post was revised to correct the formatting of Smallhome.