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It’s International Women’s Day. As expected, restaurants and other businesses around town are participating in the #ADayWithoutaWoman strike. Even the Statue of Liberty took last night off in solidarity. To find out how you can join in, see our roundup of today’s events. We’ll have more coverage later; in the meantime, here’s what’s happening on social media.

Everyday is international women's day tbh. #womensday #womensright #plannedparenthood #love #human

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Happy International Women's Day! #femalesarestrongashell #internationalwomensday

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Happy International Women's day from all the badass babes past and present who work at Variety!

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Happy International Women's Day! 2015 Bushwick #frankape #internationalwomensday

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We celebrate woman

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Our color is red every day #adaywithoutwomen #internationalwomensday

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#supportwomenownedbusinesses #happyinternationalwomensday #beanerbar #wesellmorethancoffee

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11 years ago I started this store with my best friend Lauren. We had a cute space in the Lower East Side which we called Found Vintage. We were young and had a dream. She moved on after a year to pursue a life outside of NYC. I brought in my second business partner, Djuna, another of my very best friends. That is when the store became Fox & Fawn. We have her to thank for the name that has stuck all these years! We really worked to promote and make the store a place people felt at home. She was in love and had to follow her heart to Los Angeles (I'm glad she did because I love her amazing fiancé as much as I love her!) I went on to do the store by myself for a year and it was a tremendous struggle. Then Bev and I were chatting one day…I was feeling do or die about continuing and she said she would be interested in being partners. Bev came in as my partner 8 years ago! I decided I wanted to move the store to Greenpoint and Bev spotted a small space while she was riding the bus. That space has been alive for 7 years now on Manhattan Ave. We have worked like hell!! I am so grateful for each of these incredible and strong women. My best friends. My business partners. They have inspired me to no end. I am also so grateful to each and every woman who has supported and believed in us through out the years…YOU are the reason we are still going. So much love ❤️ #womenunited #wecandoit #internationalwomensday #foxesandfawns

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Who run the balls? GIRLS.

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President of the United States. Happy International Women's Day

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Happy #internationalwomensday ! #friedakahlo #streetart

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Spotted: the tiniest women's march. #girlpower

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