Sure, solo spots at Aska might be fully booked for the rest of the month and for all but one day in February, but the New Nordic fine-dining spot in Williamsburg isn’t the hottest restaurant in New York right now. That would be the Taco Bell Speakeasy. The naked marketing ploy for the Naked Chicken Chalupa plunked down on Lafayette Street, inside of the Astor Wines & Spirits building, yesterday. The pop-up continues for just another day today, but a call to the reservation number reveals that it’s all booked up. Patrick Bateman has a better chance of scoring a table at Dorsia than you do of setting foot inside of the Taco Bell Speakeasy.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s public launch of the Naked Chicken Chalupa to Instagram your taco shell made of fried chicken– aka the KFC Double Down of Mexican-ish fast food.

Even then, you won’t get to experience it under the sexy glow of Edison bulbs, while sipping a cocktail. No exposed brick ceiling and aura of exclusivity. But hey, it’s not too late to make Valentine’s reservations at White Castle.

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