"Flickering" (Album art courtesy of Sexy Neighbors)

“Flickering” (Album art courtesy of Sexy Neighbors)

As if you were’t titillated enough by “Livin’ Wavy”, the Sexy Neighbors single we dropped back in December, the Bushwick-centric band is back for more with another boom-worthy single off their new EP, LIHC (out January 31 on Kings Highway Records). “Flickering,” which we’re premiering here, offers something of a departure from the “post-grunge” stylings running through the former and hints toward a new direction, thanks in part to a fresh lineup.

Actually, you might barely recognize the Nabes here. With main dude Felix Gottdiener’s voice crackling through louder than ever, it’s almost as if they flicked a lit cigarette at a stack of dynamite sticks piled high under an eight track and blew the tubes wide open. Instead of hustling through the rest of the song to clean up the mess, they sat back, narrowed their eyes, and let the smoldering remains waft thick, black smoke onto the tape. Or, as Felix prefers it, “a song with a krautrock kind of feel.” That works too.

The lyrics are equally as angry and yet powerless, a sort of pissed-off resignation that switches off with throwing hands up and embracing the darkness. The source of the frustration are some seriously outta control “flames licking up” the object of affection, and a tug-of-war over a “chemical dependency.” The indulgence seems to have lost its initial glimmer, as our leading man describes it as a feeling that “ain’t getting any different.”

(Courtesy of Sexy Neighbors)

(Courtesy of Sexy Neighbors)

Against the backdrop of so much doom and gloom, the catharsis of “Flickering” couldn’t be better timed. If you, too, feel on the verge of bursting into flames from all the unquellable rage growing in your loins that now threatens to burble its incendiary juices out through every pore on your body, consider stopping by the Sexy Neighbors album release party, happening January 31 at Alphaville. Perhaps consider wearing polyester, which Wikipedia tells me is “inherently flame retardant.”

Bleak as “Flickering” (and the whole world right now, really) may be, we gotta keep on keepin’ on. The Neighbors know this well, and the song itself shows us the way out through their fiery take on post-punk’s subdued ferocity. Felix says we’ll be hearing more of that, seeing that the new bass player has hardcore lineage: “It’s definitely getting more punk.”