A recent cooking demo.(Photo courtesy Brooklyn Kitchen).

A recent cooking demo.(Photo courtesy Brooklyn Kitchen).

Where there once was a butcher, there now are books. Williamsburg cooking store Brooklyn Kitchen has decided to scrap (get it, scrap?) its butcher counter and has replaced it with an inviting area where customers can peruse cookbooks and food magazines, including a collection of Gourmet that dates back to 1943.

library 2

The butcher counter, which was staffed by the Meat Hook before Brooklyn Kitchen decided to launch a “protein program” of its own, is no longer. In its place is a table where you can sit down and leaf through multiple editions of Joy of Cooking, contemporary tomes such as The Carnivore’s Manifesto, and each and every edition of Lucky Peach. We’re told the folks from Momofuku’s excellent food rag are talking to Brooklyn Kitchen about a collaboration, since the new library also doubles as a space for classes and demos. Yesterday, there was a chili competition there benefiting the Greenpoint Reform Church Hunger Program. Future events include demos by Brooklyn Heights salsa maker Jalapa Jar and fellow Brooklyn producer Mike’s Hot Honey. The price for all events will range from $45 to nada.

Library 1

Just, please, don’t get too comfortable in this homey little nook. Some of the cookbooks date back to the 1800s, so resist the urge to browse them while you dip a finger into the jar of blueberry-bourbon jam you just bought.