(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

The bad news: One of the East Village’s secret gems, the bocce court at The Standard, has gone into hibernation. The good news: The hotel’s garden has transformed into a winter wonderland complete with Christmas trees and mini yurts.


We stopped by yesterday to drink some beer out of das boot that the Standard’s newish proprietary brew, Standard Bauhaus, is served in. If you’re not a hooligan, the Winter Garden also serves hot drinks like gluwein and hot cider.


But, really, the lure here is the mini yurts that you can chill in (and hopefully not be too chilly in) with a friend or two or ten. When it comes to drinking in a winter wonderland, it’s the next best thing to an inflatable dome. We even spotted a fake fireplace in one of them.

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

The bad news: While the weather outside is frightful, the prices aren’t exactly delightful. To reserve one of these pups for up to two hours, your party will have to commit to spending a minimum of $200 inside of the yurt that seats four or less, and $500 inside of the one that seats 10 or less. To help you along, “fondue packages” are available. Here’s the furry menu:

IMG_0257 (1)

If you blew your life savings on Cyber Monday, you can always just sit at one of the outdoor tables, which are adorned with heat lamps, and admire the Christmas trees, which are for sale. You’ll be so happy it yurts.


Winter Garden at The Standard, East Village, 25 Cooper Sq., reservations via Narcissa (212) 228-3344.