Let’s face it, this election has left us all in need of a stiff drink, and not the cheeky, politically themed kind that reminds us what we came to the bar to escape in the first place. Thankfully, the new Alamo Drafthouse is hooking us up by serving libations in this take-home Gremlins tiki mug. The limited-edition mugs are made by Los Angeles toy sculptor Ramirez Studios for Alamo’s offshoot brand, Mondo, which makes movie-minded posters, apparel, and toys such as this Alfred Hitchock collectible figure.

To get the mug (and a free tiki drink along with it), you’ll have to attend the Dec. 6 showing of Gremlins (admission with mug is $37). That might be a tall order if you caught the Gremlins reunion at Anthology just last year. But really, this is bound to be a much more interactive experience. The fact that you can order alcohol to your seat at Brooklyn’s new dine-in theater will make it easy to go from adorable Mogwai to havoc-wreaking Gremlin right along with the creatures in the feature. Who knows, maybe by the time of the movie theater scene, the Alamo will look something like this:

Trust us, this is going to be even better than ordering a drink from that Gremlins cart in Williamsburg.

Tickets are available here and going fast. Remember, no talking, texting, or blowing up the theater.