(Photo: Pamela Inbasekaran)

(Photo: Pamela Inbasekaran)

All it took was Madonna playing a surprise pro-Hillary concert in Washington Square Park last night, and New York voters are out in droves this morning. And you should be, too! All it takes is 15 minutes to vote! LOL JK. That may have been true for some lucky folks today. But at Theater for the New City in the East Village, where there were waits of about an hour and a half in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the lines were no better this morning: We counted some 150 people out the door around 10am, and one person reported a two-hour wait there (Update: As of shortly after noon, the line of voters in the 23/74 district, where that two-hour wait was reported, had dwindled to 35.)

Still, that hasn’t stopped film producer Christine Vachon, Les Savy Fav musician Syd Butler and other locals (some of them in white pantsuits) from casting their ballots, and it shouldn’t stop you either. (Uptown, Donald Trump cast his vote– and got his ass booed.) Look up your polling location here and make sure you’re in line by 9pm tonight. After that, you can watch the results roll in at one of these election parties.

Here’s how the lines are looking this fine morning.


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