The New Yorkers who donned their pantsuits and dressed up as Rosie the Riveter on Election Day didn’t see it coming. Sure, there was plenty of last-minute tension, but did anyone really think we’d wake up to a President Drumpf? Especially with Bushwick’s own Tramps Against Trump promising to send nudes to everyone who voted? In the end, all the “yucks” in the world (and I mean that in both senses of the word) didn’t make a difference, and here we are. Here’s a look back on Election Night in NYC.

Things started optimistically enough.

He’s a Trump Hater #goodsign

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1984-esque night.

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Make Donald Drumpf again #dbaeastvillage #imwithher #makeamericagreatagain

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In Williamsburg, everyone was watching.

Huge turnout #election2016 night

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There was cake, and not of the Trump variety.


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My #election cake

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Ok, yes, there were some ominous signs.

Everyone had their own “survival kit,” just in case.

Election night with Trump in the lead it’s fuckin lit #zantac #acidreflux #nevertrump

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Our #election2016 #survivalkit . Its classier in a champagne glass. #nevertrump #imwithher

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Here is me looking scared about the results of tonight buying as much beer as I’m allowed to #Usa #2016 #lasvegas

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Others found more wholesome ways to keep calm and carry on.

#imwithher #hillyeah bedazzling to keep sane #bluestateofmind

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The election parties were all fun and games, at first.

Even Jill Stein was into it.

When it looked like Hillary would lose Florida, it was officially time to panic.

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By the end of the night, the viewing parties had turned somber.

Mood. #ForeverWithHer

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Boy, bye

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Even the streets were empty.

Homeless man. Bushwick, Brooklyn. Listening to a radio. 2016.

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There were purge jokes, but no one was laughing.

Then came the tears.

Others vented in the only way NYC knows how.

F u c k T r u m p #election2016

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This morning, people were still in shock.

scenes from #america

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Flag at half-mast? Kinda says it all, America.

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