What happens when you take a bunch of hedonists who throw parties inside of musty East Williamsburg warehouses and give them free reign over a lakeside Poconos resort? Danceheads will have a chance to find out at the Ray-Ban x Boiler Room Weekender on the weekend of November 4. The festival is set to take place at the Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania and looks to be a veritable fantasyland for ravers.

Let’s be clear: This isn’t just a party under some cutesy mushroom structures (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The organizers are promising to make use of amenities such as an indoor water park, a 150-seat theater, dance studio, arcade, bowling alley, and sports complex.

The programmers include a veritable who’s who of NYC party promoters, including GHE2OGOTH1K, FIXED, WRECKEDnyc, and Soulection, Brooklyn-based Caribbean/rap label Mixpak, all-female label Discwoman, LA dance party Acid Camp, and Mexico City parties N.A.A.F.I. and NON.

If you were in on the warehouse party that Abloh and Boiler Room x Ray-Ban threw in Brooklyn in June, you have an inkling of what to expect. Just add a friggin waterslide, disco bowling, surfing on artificial waves and you’re set. Oh, and there’s snowboarding nearby. (Split Rock originally opened as the first Poconos ski resort in 1946).

As for how to get in on this, there’s good news and bad news: It’s free to attend, but it’ll take some luck. RSVP here and then a few weeks before the fest, you’ll find out if you’re one of the randomly chose people to make the list. At that point you can lock down rooms for 2, 4, and 6 people. The room fees of $150, $300, and $340, respectively, will be refunded upon arrival. You’ll also want to follow the programmers on social media– they’ll be giving out codes, like this one, that unlock tickets.