Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 2.53.52 PMTis the season for Lovecraft festivals and flesh-suspension ziplines, but aside from all that, we’re pretty much living in an age of horror. I mean, Stephen King just compared an actual presidential candidate to cthulhu. So, why not have more than one horror film festival? The first Brooklyn Horror Film Festival was announced earlier this month and will take place in mid-October. Now it’s getting a downtown counterpart, FEARnyc, which will bring 65+ horror flicks to Cinema Village from October 21 to 27. And here’s something The Wolfpack will be psyched about: Wes Craven’s widow will appear on his behalf during the awards ceremony.

Among the world and local premieres in the running for honors at FEARnyc are The Key (a German demon-revenge flick directed by Inglorious Bastards actor Gedeon Burkhard), Pool Party Massacre (exactly what it sounds like), The Last Letter (an experimental film incorporating archival footage of East Village performance art), and Clowntown, a killer-clown flick that’ll speak to anyone who’s thinking of buying those John Wayne Gacy paintings of GG Allin.

There are a pair of friends-in-the-woods flicks with twists: Sickhouse is filmed entirely on Snapchat and Head is performed by puppets.

And yet another stabbin-near-a-cabin flick, Shawn Burkett’s bluntly titled Don’t Fuck in the Woods, promises “sex, drugs, gore, and a monster that will haunt your nightmares.”


Other premieres include documentaries about the making of Carrie and Pet Sematary (speaking of Stephen King) and Michael Myers: Absolute Evil, a faux doc about the events depicted in John Carpenter’s Halloween. Right after that, there’s a screening of the actual Halloween that’ll be preceded by a party with games and candy bags. Look out for razors.

For true horror nerds, many of the premieres will be followed by Q&As. But if you’re of the mind that they don’t make em like they used to, there are plenty of classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, The Lost Boys and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. There’s even a screening The Exorcist that’ll be preceded by a seance led by psychic Jesse Bravo (his “seance in the city” usually costs $20). Bring your own puke pail.

The festival, founded by local PR guy John Capo, will close with a kidnapping-gone-wrong flick from the Butcher Brothers, A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff. See the full lineup and get your bloody little fingers on some tickets right here.

FEARnyc, Oct. 21-27 at Cinema Village, 22 E. 12th St., East Village; $12 per film or $125 for an all-access pass.