(Photo: Nick McManus)

The band STALKERS, Grand Victory general manager Sean Dougherty and friends on the venue’s last night. (Photo: Nick McManus)

After just four and a half years on Grand Street, Williamburg venue the Grand Victory closed its doors last night, finishing things out with a hardcore matinee during the day and a nighttime show to say “Bon Voyage” to the space. The first show was headlined by local punks Subzero, after which several DJs and surprise guests played one last show that lasted into the first couple hours of Monday. That last show was closed out by Andy Animal and his band STALKERS, who were also playing their final show as a band.

According to a statement on the Grand Victory’s Facebook page from June, general manager Sean Dougherty has plans to restart the venue someplace else: “I am in the process of finding a new location and hope to be in operation by early next year.” He hasn’t given any update on these plans, and hasn’t yet responded to a Facebook message.


The 245 Grand St location of the Grand Victory was previously home to the Cake Shop’s sister venue Bruar Falls, until it closed just two months before Grand Victory opened. Trash Bar was also open just across the street until a year ago. The Grand Victory opened in January of 2012 and was host to a number of regular punk and metal nights, the occasional epic secret show, and regular DJ nights, like their long-running Finger Lickin’ Fridays.

Photographer Nick McManus was there to capture the venue’s last day. Unsurprisingly, the shots he took for us feature a lot of people either flipping the camera the bird or the horns.