Vinnie’s Pizzeria Mourns Gene Wilder With a ‘Chili Wonka’ Pie

@Vinniesbrooklyn on Twitter.
@Vinniesbrooklyn on Twitter.

By now you’ve heard the sad news that the great Gene Wilder has gone to the big chocolate factory in the sky. One of the many Twitter tributes comes from Vinnie’s Pizzeria, creators of instant classics such as the pizza inside of a delivery box made of pizza. Years before giving the world the Cheeseception slice, the pizza parlor paid tribute to Wilder with this signboard advertising a Chili Wonka pie (featuring sweet chili chicken) and a black-bean Bean Wilder pie.

Vinnie’s just tweeted a photo of the signboard, with the message, “Honoring you in the only way we know how. REST IN PIZZA, Gene Wilder.” The folks at the Greenpoint location tell us they’ll make the pies (though not slices) at the request of customers. So go ahead, order one and munch it down while you watch Blazing Saddles. Then order the other to help get you through Young Frankenstein.

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